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Why Americans Buy Kosher:

55% – health and safety
38% – vegetarians
16% – eat halal
35% – taste or flavor
16% – guidelines that they were produced
8% – good products
8% – keep kosher all the time
8% – looking for vegetarian products, either for religious or dietary reasons

(Note: Respondents gave multiple answers in both the 2003, 2005, and 2009 studies)

Size of the International Kosher Market

American Jewish Population:  5,200,000*
*Some studies like the American Jewish Yearbook by the American Jewish Committee put the number of Jews in the U.S. at more than 6 million.
The number of kosher consumers in the US:  12,100,000
Percentage of Americans who either regularly or occansionally purchase kosher products because they are kosher (i.e. kosher hotdog): 21%
Number of year round Kosher Jewish Consumers: 1,300,000
Total Number of Muslims and Other religions eating kosher products:  3,500,000
Number of Kosher Products in US Supermarkets:  125,000
Number of Kosher Producing Companies and plants:  10,650
US Matzoh sales are 80% machine and 20% handmade 

Value of the US Kosher Market:

Dollar Value of Kosher Market: $12,500,000,000 
Dollar Value of Kosher Produced Goods - USA:  $305,000,000,000
Dollar Value of Kosher Ingredients Sold in USA:  $370,000,000,000
Estimated sales of kosher meat with 45% being glatt or strictly kosher:  $550,000,000

Average Annual Growth (2005-2008):  15%
Growth June 2008 - June 2010:  10%

40% of Annual Kosher Sales are on the eve of Passover
(percentages are for volume not dollar sales)

Compiled by Lubicom Marketing and Consulting, LLC ( - October, 2010

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