November 10-11, 2020

2018 Presentations

The 2018 Kosher Trends Conference speaker slides are available for your viewing. 

Maximizing Your Opportunities in Foodservice

Maximizing Your Opportunities in Foodservice – Tim Brown, Retired Foodservice Executive, Sysco Corporation

Share Your Food With More People – Nikki Pierre, Account Representative, Uber Eats

Looking Forward to the Future of Foodservice – Bob Sulick, Owner, Mulberry Street Restaurants

Using Technology to Upgrade Kashrus Supervision: New Challenges and New Opportunities

Rabbi Akiva Niehaus, Rabbinic Coordinator, Chicago Rabbinical Council

Rabbi Shimon Adler,Special Projects Coordinator, Vaad of Five Towns

Building Your Online Presence

A Step-By-Step Design, Social Media & Sales Funnel Cheat-Sheet – Elizabeth Flynn, Founder, Inclusive Creative

Building Kosher Brands in the Age of Influencer Marketing – Sherri Langtburt, CEO, Babblebox

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