DS Tayman Single Malt Scotch – Tulip Edition

KLBD – Booth 209 Our vision was to offer something different and memorable to our family, friends and fellow drinkers, an excellent quality single malt scotch, with KOSHER wine finish. After travelling the length and breadth of Scotland and seeking out carefully matured casks from the most remote places, we have now turned our passion […]

Kosher For Passover/Gluten Free Chocolate Kokosh Cake

Elegant Desserts NY – Booth 401 Now Kosher for Passover! This delicious dessert is made with delicious dough and filled with decadent chocolate. Perfect for dessert or a breakfast treat with Coffee! Allergen Information: Lactose/Dairy Free | Manufactured in facility that processes tree nuts. Contains: EGGS 868 KENT AVE

California Delight Balsamic Vinegar

DS International Traders, LLC – Booth 323 California Delight introduces a 5 grape density Fruity Balsamic Vinegar. The fruity and full bodied taste is unparalleled unlike no other. www.californiadelight.com

Kashered Chicken Liver

David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc. – Booth 367 Kosher laws are complicated! Many items, while they might seem to be the same, need to be processed totally differently. Take chicken for example, it gets made Kosher in the processing plant and then consumers can prepare it as they please. Chicken liver however needs to be […]

Pound Cake

King Preferred – Booth 100 King Preferred’s Pound Cake, Chocolate Pound cake, & Banana Pudding southern homemade quick mix that taste as if it were made from scratch. Simple ingredients that create the sugary coated crust that seals in the moistness and flavor for days. Each bite holds a pound of greatness. A wonderful family […]

Balsamic & White Balsamic Glaze

De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards – Booth 352 GLAZE is carefully created from a dense, matured Spanish White Balsamic Vinegar enriched with cooked grape must and homogenized until it has reached a consistent creaminess. Drizzle over caprese salads, cheese plates, thick slices of bruschetta, grilled vegetables, salmon, chicken, steak, juicy summer berries, thin-crust […]

Teff Focaccia (Plain/za’atar/onion)

deutsch bakery – Booth 363 A series of breads, which will allow you to enjoy like everyone else. Eat satisfying and nutritious bread. The bread is made from teff flour, a “superfood” with lots of vitamins and minerals. Light and airy bread. Soft and stable and beautiful. Made of rare quality. With beautiful visibility and […]

Bright Buns\Teff and Buckwheat Buns

deutsch bakery – Booth 363 2 types of buns. 1. A special bright bun that is suitable for children that will allow your child to be like all his friends. 2. A bun made from teff flour, a “super food” with lots of vitamins and minerals. A light and airy bun. Soft and stable and […]

Best Gluten Free Cookies

Deutsch – Prime Gluten Free Bakery – Booth 363 The most delicate and delicious cookies. The quality and taste above all. Maximum taste and quality. A real treat for all. Loved by everyone, not just coeliacs. https://www.deutschbakery.com/

Salty Sticks

Deutsch – Prime Gluten Free Bakery – Booth 363 Perfect for a snack or with a meal. https://www.deutschbakery.com/