November 10-11, 2020


Comsi Comsa – Apple Ripe

SAUVAGE – Booth 3013

Like Sauvage’s other varietals, the new Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe is made from apples sourced from local New York State farms. Using fully ripe apples, the all-natural and refreshing Apple Ripe has a fruity taste. A cross between a perfect dry white and port, the well balanced and versatile Apple Ripe is perfect for all food pairings. Apple Ripe has a 12% Alc/Vol, is gluten-free and is Kosher (certified by OK and by Tartikov Beth Din). Like a perfectly ripened fruit ready to be harvested, Comsi Comsa Apple Ripe is ready to be savored.
Ranked #2 in “Top US Wines” category in The Jewish Week’s Competition 2019.

Comsi Comsa «comme ci, comme ça» means “Like This / Like That”. Like Bubbly / Like Cider.

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