November 12-13, 2019

2018 Show Schedule

Check out the 2018 Kosherfest Trends Conference Program below and check back in summer 2019 for this year’s conference program!

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2018 Conference Program

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Day 1
Nov 13, 2018

Keynote: Strategic Planning Using Valuable Trending Information

Yarden Horwitz, a trending expert whose background includes a senior position at Google is returning to update and further elaborate on the latest trending information on kosher.
Yarden Horwitz

Maximizing Your Opportunities in Foodservice

Kosher foodservice is rapidly emerging as a key component of the rapidly expanding kosher food industry. Hear the experts advise how to be part of that opportunity!
Nikki Pierre
Jerry Bertram
Bob Sulick
Tim Brown

Newest Trends in Kosher Cuisine

It’s not stuffed cabbage and chopped liver any more. Kosher cuisine has gone well beyond the traditional cultural foods. Hear leading chefs, Mike Gershkovich and Jeff Nathan and restaurant owner,...
Allison Kahn
Mike Gershkovich
Jeff Nathan
Elan Kornblum

Leveraging Technology and Online Grocery in Your Store

The grocery industry is changing and shopper habits are too. Independent retailers have an opportunity to adapt and capitalize on these changes but many retailers are sitting on the sidelines,...
Josh Ray
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Day 1
Nov 14, 2018

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Using Technology to Upgrade Kashrus Supervision: New Challenges and New Opportunities

It’s a whole new world for kosher supervision and leading experts will tell you how technology has changed kosher supervision with a fascinating insight!
Rabbi Akiva Niehaus
Rabbi Shimon Adler
Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Building Your Online Presence Part 1: A Step-by-Step Design, Social Media, & Sales Funnel Cheat-sheet

Marketing is critical for all businesses, and is constantly changing. Learn from Elizabeth Flynn, the Founder of Inclusive Creative, on how to build your marketing strategies that work for you-...
Elizabeth Flynn

Building Your Online Presence Part 2: Building Kosher Brands in the Age of Influencer Marketing

The Jewish people are a nation of storytellers and food is often the ingredient that ties our people together. While Jewish cooking, food and recipes appear to be prevalent on...
Sherri Langburt
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