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November 7-8, 2023 Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, New Jersey

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Exhibitor Move-in Bulletin

Your Safety is Our TOP Priority

This year, Kosherfest Event Management is implementing additional security measures, and we want our exhibitors to be aware of them.  We are adding uniformed Secaucus, NJ Police Officers and will have Police Dogs that will be working to secure the interior and exterior of the Meadowlands Expo Center for the duration of the event as well.  We will also be checking photo ID’s of all attendees and exhibitors as they enter the exhibit hall.   We anticipate that these additional precautions may cause longer and slower lines to enter the venue.  Our goal is to be as efficient as possible,  while also keeping all that attend Kosherfest safe. If you have any concerns or questions pre-show, please contact Parker Swenson at

Important Exhibiting Information

Sunday, November 6 (8:00am – 5:00pm)
Monday, November 7 (8:00am – 5:00pm)

If you require set-up time outside these hours please contact Joel Hatfield

Please keep in mind that overtime rates will be charged after 4:30PM to 8:00AM Tuesday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday

Tuesday, November 8 (10:00am – 5:00pm)
Wednesday, November 9 (10:00am – 4:00pm)

In an effort to make Kosherfest more of a business-to-business event, all attendees AND EXHIBITORS will be required to show a photo ID and proof of employment to enter the exhibit hall.

Kosherfest is a trade only event. Anyone under 18 including babies in backpacks and stroller will not be permitted on the show floor. For insurance reasons, there are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!


Kosherfest is a business-to-business event and as a trade event we must ask that sampling be limited to business. No excessive product sampling will be allowed. To make it easier for sponsors to provide products to interested buyers, Kosherfest Event Management has instituted a 1-Bag Per Person Per Day policy on sampling. Simply put, each attendee may carry only one bag of product samples from the show floor per day of the event.



Exhibitors MUST pre-order electricity for their individual booths. Make sure you order the appropriate amount of electricity for your equipment to avoid blowing circuits. Pre-show orders will be ready upon your arrival. Onsite orders will cause you delays.




• Freeman Companies: Customs, Furnishings, Booth Cleaning, Move-in, and Move-out
• Meadowland Exposition Center: Electrical, Plumbing, Telephone, Internet, Catering, & Ice
• Lowe Refrigeration
• Convention Data Service Lead Retrieval

• Exhibitor Service Desks- Exhibit Hall – back of the 200 aisle
• Press Room –Ticket office in front lobby, across from registration counters
• Sales Office / Event Management Office – Seminar Room E, back of the hall
• Security/First Aid – Exhibit Hall; back of the 200 aisle
• Mincha – Exhibit Hall; back of the 300 aisle
• Sink Prep – Exhibit Hall; back of the 500 aisle

Exhibitors will have access to the show floor beginning at 8:00AM on show days. Exhibitors must be badged to enter the exhibit hall on Tuesday. Please see registration hours below.

Monday, November 7 (10:00am – 5:00pm) – Exhibitors only
Tuesday, November 8 (8:00am – 5:00pm)
Wednesday, November 9 (9:00am – 2:00pm)

Exhibitors who did not pre-register may register and obtain badges in the Registration Area located in the lobby of the Meadowlands Exposition Center. Only employees of official exhibiting and co-exhibiting companies will be permitted to obtain exhibitor badges. Be sure to obtain your badges before Tuesday at 8:00AM to avoid additional costs and waiting in line. Badge corrections may be completed at Registration.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Registration Department at or 207-842-5504.


Exhibitors may handle their own materials subject to the following conditions:
• If material can be hand carried to and from booths via designated POV door.
• If material can be carried using a two-wheel cart through designated door with four (4) trips or less

Exhibitors may set-up their own exhibit displays subject to the following conditions:
• Assembly requiring the use of power tools will require side by side Stage Hand labor.
• The rigging of sound equipment, lighting equipment or display materials suspended from the roof deck or rafters will require Stage Hand labor.

If you wish to have your empty crates and cartons stored by Freeman, they must be labeled with “Empty Crate” stickers, which can be obtained from the Freeman service desk. We ask your cooperation in labeling your crates as soon as they have been emptied so that we can clean the exhibit floor and install the aisle carpet.


Sinks for cleaning product, trays, utensils, etc., are located at the rear of the exhibit hall in the 500 aisle. By order of the Board of Health, the use of sinks in the restrooms for cleaning product, trays, or utensils is strictly prohibited.

Refrigerator/freezer space is provided free of charge by Event Management. In trucks located at the back of the exhibit hall in the loading dock area. They are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily, Sunday – Wednesday. See a representative in the Freezer/Reefer Service Area on the loading docks to arrange storage of your product.

Exhibitors are permitted to conduct business only within their booth space. Distribution of materials outside your exhibit booth space is strictly prohibited.

For the protection of all Kosherfest exhibitors, only those companies whose Application for Exhibit Space has been received and approved by Event Management will be allowed to present and sell their products at Kosherfest. If you see a representative from a non-exhibiting company soliciting business on the show floor, please request a business card from that person and give it to an Event Management representative. We will take the necessary steps to curtail this activity.

To sign up for 2023 Kosherfest, please see one of the sales reps in the Sales Office in the Exhibit Hall – Seminar Room E, back of the 300 aisle.

Met Council is the official charitable beneficiary of Kosherfest. Their goal is to provide a dignified solution to hunger, which is accomplished through various food programs, including the country’s largest kosher food pantry Network. Met Council’s programs enable clients to eat more healthfully — and ensure they can use their limited income to meet other daily needs, such as rent, clothing and medication.

At the conclusion of Kosherfest on Wednesday, November 9th, Met Council staff and volunteers will be going around to collect leftover food from the booths. They will have collection bags available and will distribute to your booth on Wednesday. All of this food will be donated directly to those who are hungry and need it the most in kosher food pantries throughout NYC.

Please also note, any perishable product left in the refrigerated / freezer trucks after 6:00pm on Wednesday will be donated to the Met Coucil. You must remove your product or tag it for later shipping by 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 9th.


Wifi is available and free throughout the hall

Please remember to provide your co-workers and family members with your hotel information and any phone, fax or pager numbers where they can reach you while you’re at the show. We are unable to page anyone in the exhibit hall.

Temporary Health Permit REQUIRED!

City of Secaucus Board of Health Temporary Event Application is mandatory for ALL EXHIBITORS who are sampling food at the show. Every Kosherfest exhibitor sampling food or beverage is required to apply for a Temporary Event Application through the Secaucus Board of Health. Please be sure to bring your sampling permit with you to the event, as City of Secaucus Board of Health inspectors will be onsite.

Secure Your Belongings

We recommend that you take portable or valuable equipment with you each evening when you leave the exhibit hall, and bring it with you to the opening of the show each morning. Never leave your booth unattended during show hours. For more security information, please click the button below:

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