November 12-13, 2019

Israeli Harvest

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1487 Hakadam Rd
West Haven , VT 05743
United States

Regional Rabbi of the Hof Hacarmel, Rabbi Gabriel Sorani
Booth #NP10

Israeli Harvest

We import organic olive oil and olives from Makura Farm in the Carmel Heights. Farmer Guy Rilov intentionally uses minimal irrigation to produce flavorful olive oil, very high in antioxidants.

Guy Rilov: “At Makura Farm, we manage the entire olive oil production process, all the way from the tree to the press. We grow the olives, decide on the optimum time to harvest them, and extract their oil on the same day that they are harvested. Our olive oil is produced using cold-press methods that preserve its quality, its taste and its health benefits.”

Makura olive oil and olives sell at more than 100 stores in Israel. We look forward to supplying North American stores with organic Makura table olives and olive oil.



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