November 10-11, 2020

M & D Farm

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69 Eaton Ct.
Brooklyn , NY 11229
United States

Booth #3048

M & D Farm

M&D Glatt is a family owned and operated wholesale Glatt kosher meat company. M&D GLATT is under the strict Rabbinical supervision of the STAR-K and VAAD HARABONIM OF FLATBUSH. M&D always provides wholesale glatt kosher meat for unbeatable prices. M&D’s main focus is “Always fresh, Always for less.”
Our Goal
To provide high quality GLATT kosher meat to each Jewish household for an affordable price, and to expand our borders and supply wholesale glatt kosher meat throughout the U.S.A

General information Our warehouse is located in 1st Avenue meat market in Brooklyn New York where all of our main processing is completed. Our shchita is done at J.W. Treuth in Baltimore MD. All of our meat is 100% AMERICAN BEEF! We proudly carry BEIT YOSEF (upon request) meats that fits the highest sephardic and ashkenazi standards. We specialise in all different cuts all to the preference of the customers.



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