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Our campaign for REAL vanilla



COVID-19 might have prompted a global lockdown, but at LittlePod our efforts have been redoubled, as our Campaign for Real Vanilla becomes more important than ever.
So much has happened since November, when we were crowned winners in the New Product Competition (Baking Aisle) at Kosherfest 2019 – an achievement that we were delighted to toast at our HQ here in East Devon, England.
Since then, we’ve invested in new machinery and expanded our premises, marked our 10th anniversary and taken a big step towards introducing our products to Japan for the first time.
The main change, however, has not been such a cause for celebration, with the coronavirus pandemic – and the subsequent response to tackling COVID-19 – casting an inescapable shadow over all.
This has had a major impact on our business, and the respective enterprises of our customers and the wider LittlePod community, with retail outlets and restaurants amongst those forced to close their doors.
Here at LittlePod, however, we have managed to buck the trend and continue to support the vanilla farmers and producers on the Equatorial Belt.
In countries such as Madagascar, from where we source the vanilla that is used to create our award-winning products, our backing is needed more than ever as COVID-19 continues to take hold.
It has been a privilege to introduce our natural vanilla paste and pure bourbon vanilla extract to the US kosher market, and to all those who have continued to support LittlePod and our Campaign for Real Vanilla, we send our heartfelt thanks.
We also send a reminder that the farmers and producers on the Equatorial Belt are depending on us. With COVID-19 threatening to further deepen the debt crisis and weaken already-fragile health systems, Africa needs our trade like never before, with vanilla a high-value crop that improves the standard of life and makes a major difference to those who live in vulnerable communities.
Given that the vanilla farmers in the equatorial regions are preserving the rainforests and protecting the delicate ecosystems that benefit us all – no matter where in the world we call home – it is imperative that we demonstrate our gratitude and continue to send our thanks.
Our preferred method here at LittlePod? To avoid artificial vanillin and chemically synthesised essences and to always use real vanilla. Vanilla has over 250 natural compounds, these compound work with other ingredients to create wonderful flavour profiles in any recipe.
To all our customers, friends and followers – and to all LittlePodders in the US – we send best wishes at this testing time and, from us all here in the UK, and on behalf of the farmers in Madagascar and beyond, we send thanks. For continuing to support LittlePod and our Campaign For Real Vanilla. It’s more important than ever.
Got a question about LittlePod and our Campaign for Real Vanilla or like to find out more about how our products benefit farmers on the Equatorial Belt? You can always contact us here.

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