Get your booth for Kosherfest 2022 now!

November 8-9, 2022 Meadowlands Exposition Center Secaucus, New Jersey

Marketing Campaign Assets

Use the official Kosherfest logos, and banners on your website, in your emails, on social, and in your marketing campaign to let your customers know you’ll be exhibiting at the show!

Customizable Banner

You’re exhibiting, and it’s a big deal! Let the world know with a customized banner with your booth number.

Enter your booth number below and then right click on the banner to save the customized image

Official Event Logo

Use the official event logo on your website, or in email to create a quick way for your customers to know you will be at the show. Right click on the image and then choose ‘Save As’ to download to your desktop.

Standard Event Banners

Add these standard banner ads to your website or emails along with a registration link to make it easier than ever for your customer to registered for the show!
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