November 9-10, 2021


Pistachio Drink

KLBD Kosher Beis Din – Booth 2013

Premium Pistachio Drink is a delicious milk alternative which features the delightful flavour and aroma of the pistachios in a velvet-soft-refreshing bed of creaminess.

From extensive research of non-dairy drinks, Borna Foods found a top-notch recipe for a vegan diet free-from stomach irritants (like dairy and gluten). Our international product development team roasted pistachio at a certain temperature to preserve the pistachio drink green colour and keep the taste unique. Sources for some vitamins are limited for vegans; therefore, we have enhanced the drink with Calcium and Vitamin B12 derived from natural sources.

This absolutely nutty pistachio drink gives amazingly creamy and rich after-taste without containing any gums, artificial flavours or additives. It’s easy to digest as naturally lactose free, suitable for vegans, Kosher certified, packed full of nutritional benefits.

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