November 10-11, 2020


Plattered MIni Breaded Pastrami Bites, Plattered Breaded Chicken Drumettes, Plattered BBQ Beef Cigars

Alle Processing / Mealmart – Booth 7037

Plattered Mini Pastrami Bites:
If you’re looking to finger-food differently, look no further. We took everyone’s favorite kind of meat, rolled it in breadcrumbs, and made delicious bite-size flavor bombs. Beyond the crunch, you’ll find intense flavor, soft pastrami, and a platter that will be remembered long after you’ve cleaned up and turned off the lights.

Plattered Breaded Chicken Drumettes:
Classier than wings, tastier than bites, these drummettes are the perfect appetizer to pass around your next party. They’re mess-free, popping with flavor, and a breeze to prepare. Here’s to the little things in life.

Plattered Bbq Beef Cigars:
These perfectly rolled, expertly stuffed cigars are the perfect bites to get any event rolling. A touch of sweet BBQ, a load of shredded beef, and simple prep steps make these the hors d‘oeuvres of the future.

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