November 8-9, 2022 • Meadowlands Exposition Center • Secaucus, New Jersey


Raspberry fruit spread

KLBD London Beth Din – Booth 209

Raspberry Fruit spread made of 100% fresh fruits. No added sugar, No jelling agent (pectin), No preservatives, No ascorbic acid, No artificial coloring , No added aroma. Just finest Serbian raspberries. We use fresh apples as a base for natural fruit sweetness and jelling properties. This spread has the highest content of raspberries on the market, 160g of fresh raspberries per 100g of product. Made in small batches for gourmet experience, this spread has amazingly intense taste and rich texture. Low content of naturally present sugar from fruits. Great for crapes, muffins, toast, porridge even for cake and pastry filling. Excellent to pair with cheese or nut butters.

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