November 10-11, 2020


Siddur Font 8mm letter set w/Holder, 105 letter tiles, Eco-Resin

Au Bon Cake – Booth 3099

• High-resolution Hebrew lettering stamp set which enables baking artists to now customize their small-size creations with Hebrew names and phrases
• For fondant covered cakes and cookies, cookie dough, marzipan, and clay.
• Letter tiles made from eco-resin, which is made from soybean oil, and FREE of VOCs, BPA, and any harmful chemicals.
• 105 Letter-tiles:
– 77 Hebrew letters (full 27 letters where letter count is based on common usage).
– 2 each of digits 0 through 9.
– 7 punctuation symbols.
• 12 foam spacers to be used between letters and at the ends of the holders to “lock in” the letters.
• Letters make deep impressions with no boxes or other remainder marks around the letters for a flawless finish.
• Holder is 7.5″ long, made of food-safe plastic, and can be used with our other Hebrew font sets such as script and modern.

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