November 12-13, 2019

Allison Kahn

Allison Kahn

Restaurant Owner


Allison Kahn was a trailblazer 20 years ago and has never looked back. She is one of the first women kosher restaurant owners in a heavily male dominated industry.  She first burst onto the scene opening Tea for Two Cuisine on Kings Highway and East 4th, as the first kosher dairy restaurant to serve sushi in Brooklyn.  After many successful years, she opened up a second location, called Tea for Two Lite on Kings Highway and Nostrand and soon after, her first meat restaurant, T Fusion Steakhouse also in the neighborhood of Marine Park, which is still going strong after 11 years.   Her bubbly personality, gracious, hands on hosting, and relentless passion and drive to be perfect, has allowed her to stay on top.  Her vast years of experience and "seeing it all" makes her an outstanding choice for this panel.

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Newest Trends in Kosher Cuisine

Nov 13, 2018
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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