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Food Trends Outlook


Keep your eye out for these trends on the Kosherfest show floor.

Compiled by Gabriel Boxer, Kosher Guru 


It has been said that the kosher market is five years behind the rest of the food world, but one look around Kosherfest and you will see that is simply not true. With the advent of social media taking over our daily lives and as some say, “blowing up our feeds” with foodie accounts, the kosher market is leading the way socially and at the same time in-line with the rest of the food world when it comes to getting on the “trending” bandwagon.  Learn more below to help fulfill the needs of your customers and be able to monetize the trends by staying ahead of the curve.


  • Meal Kits
    Not only your traditional meal kits, I see a future for meal prep kits that are delivered ready to go.
  • Online Ordering and E-Commerce
    This year will see more grocery stores and restaurants taking up delivery systems and many more apps coming into the scene.
  • Different Flour
    With the healthy craze going strong and reaching new heights, look for new flour types for baking and cooking to add to the mix.
  • Farm to Table
    It’s not only a trend but an experience that people are seeking out. Stay tuned this year for new experiences at restaurants and beyond giving you a true Farm to Table feel.
  • Children’s Meals
    Parents are interested in giving their kids healthier meals with really fun packaging.
  • Personalized Packaging
    For gift ideas, family events, or corporate giving, people enjoy giving and receiving food items – making them more personalized is the future.
  • “Body in Tune”
    Many people have been putting themselves on certain diets that include protein rich foods for a natural pick-me-up. More natural energy foods will be making a big push in the coming months.
  • Cleaner & Clearer Labeling
    With new labeling laws and people wanting to know what is actually in their foods, look for simpler labels that are clearer to understand and use ingredients readers can easily pronounce.
  • Gluten Free & Paleo
    Look for many more new products in this category with more shelf space being devoted to them.
  • On-The-Go Healthy Snacks
    With the ever growing health movement, parents are being asked by schools to send healthier snacks for our children, look for this category to boom this year with many surprises that many will enjoy.

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