November 10-11, 2020


LittlePod Natural Vanilla

KLBD Kosher Beis Din – Booth 2013

These natural vanilla products full of fruits, floral notes. Vanilla is one of nature’s most amazing and versatile ingredients. Harvested from an exotic orchid, it grows only in a limited number of tropical habitats. At LittlePod we source all our vanilla responsibly, and are committed to supporting the people that grow it and the places where it’s grow.

Our delicious paste has been specially created to give you top quality vanilla in an easy and versatile form. Each tube has a 2 year shelf life and contains the equivalent of 20 pods seeds and all. It gives a value to all the farmers pods not just the long straight gourmet pods and offers a zero waste, quality source of real vanilla. It can be used in savoury and all your baking dishes.

Our natural vanilla extract provides all the intense flavour of Madagascan vanilla in a convenient liquid form.

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