November 10-11, 2020

New Product Portal

NEW PRODUCTS are the number one thing that buyers are looking for. Kosherfest offers many valuable opportunities to get your product in front of buyers and stand out from the hundreds of new products introduced to the market each year. The most important tools include the Kosherfest New Product Competition and the New Product Showcase. The benefits and exposure are significant. Learn more below!

New Product Competition

The prestigious New Product Competition is judged by a panel of kosher industry experts, buyers, and chefs. Products are judged on quality, packaging, pricing, and marketability. Click below for more details! Price per product INCLUDES reserving your spot in the New Product Showcase Display at Kosherfest.

New Product Competition

The New Product Competition will be open for submissions later this Spring.

All products will be judged by a panel of elite kosher retail and food service experts from across the country several weeks before Kosherfest.

All entries are automatically eligible for the New Product Display Case – a $150 value!

New Product Award Winners receive:
– Product featured in separate winner’s display showcase
– Media exposure
– Recognition at Kosherfest
– “Best in Show” receives FREE Show Guide Ad
– “Best in Category” receives discounted Show Guide Ad
– Official Kosherfest “Best of” seal
– Highlighted feature on

We accept entries in the following categories:
Cereals and Convenience Breakfast | Yogurt or Cheese | Savory Snacks, Chips, Crackers | Sweet Snacks, Cookies and Candy | Breads and Baked Goods | Frozen Desserts | Dips, Spreads and Salsa | Jams/Preserves and Dried Fruit | Condiments, Sauces, Dressings and Marinades | Spices, oils and vinegars | Mixes | Pastas, Rice, Grains | Frozen Entrees & Meal Components (Pizza, TV Dinners, etc.) | Packaged Meats (deli, sausages, cured fish, etc.) | Giftware, Novelties & Non-food | Kosher for Passover (mock ups/prototypes allowed for this category only) | Wines, Beer or Spirits | Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Costs and Submitting Payment

After you submit your form, allow 24 hours for payment processing, then pay online once you receive your invoice.

Cost (includes Showcase Display – a $150 value!):
$150 per product
$50 upcharge for additional flavors/sizes

Shipping Your Product

Send us your product by 4pm, Thursday October 12, 2020. *SHIPMENTS CANNOT BE RECEIVED ON FRIDAYS! You are responsible for shipping costs. Send your products as far in advance as possible to Kosher Culinary Center Attn: Perline Dayan 2359 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 12234 .

Shipping Guidelines:
Package Label

b) If your product is perishable, you must ship accordingly (dry ice, ice packs, coolers, overnight service, etc) to ensure freshness or they will not be judged.
c) For international entries, ship with enough time to clear U.S. Customs.
d) Send one to two samples, enough for 6 judges to sample.
e) Product MUST be in original packaging.
f) No mock-ups accepted (accept Kosher for Passover).
g) Include a copy of this e-mail confirmation with your package.
h) You can send more than one entry in the same box, as long as your products are clearly labeled

Prepare for the New Product Showcase Display

All entries to the New Product Competition can be featured in the New Product Showcase at no additional charge. You are responsible for bringing your product/packaging ON SITE for the display on Monday, November 9, 2020. Winning entries will be re-located from the New Product Showcase Display to the New Product Competition Winners Display.

IF YOU WIN - Advertising and Awards

1.) Prepare for Advertising in the Show Guide
Exclusive ad space in the Printed Show Guide/Map is reserved JUST for New Product Competition Winners. The best Overall Product Winner receives a FREE show guide ad. All other competition winners can place an advertisement, full page, 4-color, at a discounted rate. Winners will receive a Kosherfest Winners Seal from Show Management that can be placed on advertisements in the show guide.

2.) Prepare for Photo Opportunity at Kosherfest
Awards will be presented to winners at Kosherfest on November 12, 2019. You will have the opportunity to pose for a photo with your award and Menachem Lubinsky, Founder of Kosherfest. Further details and timing will be provided if your product wins.

Past Winners

Below is a sample of past winners. Thousands of products have been submitted to the New Product Competition over the years.

For all questions regarding the New Product Competition, please contact Meg Strickland, Conference Coordinator or 207-842-5419.

New Product Showcase Display

The showcase display is a buyer hot spot to check out all the latest innovations and products, located prominently in the lobby by the entrance to Kosherfest.

Reserve Space in the New Product Showcase Display

Only non-perishable products or packaging for your product can be displayed. If you have fresh, frozen, or perishable products, please bring product packaging or photographs for display.

Your product may not be taller than 13.5”. Due to space constraints, two or three products may be displayed on each shelf.

Each display includes a standardized sign showing your company name, booth number, and the name of your new product as entered on your New Product Showcase Display entry form.

Costs and Submitting Payment

Cost for the Showcase Display:
$150 per product
$50 upcharge for additional sizes/flavors

You will receive an invoice after a processing period. Please pay your invoice online.

On Site at Kosherfest

Bring your product/packaging for display to the Press Room (located in the registration lobby just outside the main entrance to the exhibit hall) on Monday, November 9th, anytime from 9am-4pm. After this time the cases will be closed and locked, and will not be available to access until after the close of the show on Wednesday.

DO NOT SHIP YOUR PRODUCT FOR DISPLAY TO US – HAND DELIVER TO THE PRESS ROOM ONLY! If your items are not delivered to the Press Room by 4pm Monday, we cannot guarantee they will be placed in the display before the opening of the show.

After the Show is Over

You are responsible for pick-up of your items at the close of the show – products may be picked up on Wednesday, November 11th, only AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE SHOW. We cannot deliver products back to your booth. Products not picked up by 5pm on the 11th will be donated to charity or discarded.

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