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Kashered Chicken Liver


David Elliot Poultry Farm, Inc. – Booth 367

Kosher laws are complicated!

Many items, while they might seem to be the same, need to be processed totally differently.

Take chicken for example, it gets made Kosher in the processing plant and then consumers can prepare it as they please.

Chicken liver however needs to be broiled to be considered Kosher.

That broiling process can often be confusing for customers, as well as time consuming and inconvenient.

Insert David Elliot Broiled Chicken Liver!

Broiled at the perfect temperature to be Kosher and ready to eat.

Not too cooked but not too undercooked.

Kosher liver anyone can take home, fry it up and have the perfect dish.

In this way you get the perfect Kosher broiled liver, every time.

300 Breck St

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