November 10-11, 2020

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane

Chicago Rabbical Council


Director of Kashrus for the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc), is a leader in the field of Kosher Supervision. Respected for his broad expertise, energy and dedication he brings to the job, Rabbi Fishbane’s diverse talents render him uniquely suited for his post. Under his guidance, the cRc has become one of the five leading kashrus organizations in the world and many of his innovations have become the gold standard in the industry. His proficiency in all Kashrus-related issues has made his opinion and advice widely sought by both the lay and rabbinic community. Rabbi Fishbane also acts as the Executive Director of the Associated Kashrus Organizations (AKO), an umbrella group of major kosher- certifying agencies.

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Just the Food? What is the Role of Kashrus Agencies?

Nov 12, 2019
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Room C/D
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