November 10-11, 2020


Wicked Crisps Naturally Flavored Vegetable Crisps (7 flavors)

Oxygen Imports – Booth 400

Deliciously Deceptive Nutrition, Naturally Flavored VEGGIE Crisps in 7 different flavors, LOW in fat (3gr). Certified Gluten Free, Made with NON-GMO ingredients and ONLY 120 calories or less per serving. Healthy & Innovative! Veggie Crisps using REAL vegetables that are BAKED and not fried using Tomato, Chick Pea, Broccoli and Spinach.
From the Farm to your table: NO Artificial additives, NO artificial preservatives, NO Trans-Fats, Baked & not fried.
Oxygen brings in another NATURAL product, renowned for their superior quality, are created only from the finest ingredients.

Spring Vegetable Medley
Sweet Potato Souffle
Red Curry Hummus
Sea Salt & Hummus
Cheesy Cheese Pizza
Spinach Parmesan
Roasted Garlic and Asiago cheese

Even the non-dairy products are marked Kosher Dairy, due to the fact that they run on the same line of the Dairy ones.

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